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Link: "The Neurodiversity Case for Free Speech"

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10/17/2019 - Link: "The Neurodiversity Case for Free Speech" (Freedom)


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Link: "The Neurodiversity Case for Free Speech"
Thursday, October 17th, 2019
01:46:04 GMT


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Here's an interesting article I found recently:

The Neurodiversity Case for Free Speech
July 18, 2017 from

It even mentions sleep disorders, sleep deprivation, and fatigue.


Also, sleep disorders affect over 20% of people, and the resulting sleep deprivation reduces inhibition. These kinds of transient neurodiversity can also interfere with social sensitivity, Theory of Mind, and verbal inhibition, so can reduce the ability to comply with speech codes. Unless universities want to outlaw fatigue, hunger, heartbreak, meds and coffee it's hard to maintain the delusion that everyone's speech will be 100% inoffensive 100% of the time.


Campus speech codes discriminate against neurominorities. They impose unrealistic demands, fears, and stigma on the large proportion of students, staff, and faculty who have common mental disorders, or extremes on the Big Five personality traits, or transient disinhibition due to sleep deprivation or smart drugs. As a practical matter, it is virtually impossible for someone with Asperger's, bipolar, ADHD, low Agreeableness, low Conscientiousness, extreme fatigue, or Modafinil mania to understand what kinds of speech acts are considered acceptable, and to inhibit the production of such speech 100% of the time, in 100% of educational and social situations.

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