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8/4/2017 - The Hans Free Electric Bike (Energy)
12/11/2016 - Michael Moore's documentary Where to Invade Next (Freedom)
8/17/2016 - Link: "Do We Have Enough Space Bucks?" (Basic Income)
2/26/2016 - Redshift, a wonderful alternative to the f.lux screen-tinting software (Software)
1/20/2016 - Link: Free Software Foundation (FSF) Vision Survey (Activism)
11/19/2015 - Petition: Allow the f.lux software on iPhones and iPads (Petitions)
8/19/2015 - Link: The Epidemic of Too Much Omega 6 and Not Enough Omega 3 in Our Diets (Health)
5/13/2015 - NHLBI Strategic Visioning Forum is accepting submissions, comments and votes until May 15th, 11:59 PM PT (News - Time Sensitive)
11/22/2014 - November 24th is N24 Awareness Day (Events)
7/23/2014 - Welcome to Non24.Com! (Site Update)

Welcome to Non24.Com!


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The Hans Free Electric Bike
Friday, August 4th, 2017
17:44:36 GMT


Blog Post by Apollia, owner and administrator of Non24.Com and Non24.Org

Today, I heard about a wonderful new invention - the Hans Free Electric Bike.

I learned about it when I stumbled across this news story:

The electricity generator you can pedal: ‘Free Electric’ bike can create 24 hours of electricity with just an hour of exercise

Feb. 24, 2016 from

This is some of the happiest news I've encountered in a long time, since I believe it might truly drastically reduce poverty worldwide. It could also reduce pollution, and slow down global warming by reducing the need to burn fossil fuels, wood, etc. for energy or heat.

It could even help many people in the USA - even me and my family! Many Americans can't comfortably afford the cost of electricity, and even I and my family have at times been afraid we wouldn't be able to afford to keep our electricity on.

According to the official Frequently Asked Questions page by Billions in Change:

"The latest estimate is that the Hans Free Electric™ bike will be available to buyers in the US and India sometime in late 2017."

I'm definitely interested in possibly buying one. I just recently started riding an ordinary exercise bike just for health and aesthetic reasons, but I would absolutely love being able to put all that energy to even more practical uses, such as saving my family a ton of money on electricity, and saving the world from pollution and global warming.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in the Hans Free Electric Bike project!

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Michael Moore's documentary Where to Invade Next
Sunday, December 11th, 2016
07:23:41 GMT


I recently watched Michael Moore's documentary Where to Invade Next, about countries which do various important things much better than the USA has been doing them.

I loved it, and highly recommend it! It's so comforting to know there are so many good people in the world who actually have the power to put such sensible, kind, compassionate policies into practice.

I really hope the USA will import many of those ideas as soon as possible.

Except I hope that could somehow be done without raising taxes. In fact, if it were up to me, I'd like to ban all taxes on everyone, since I consider taxes a form of legalized extortion or robbery.

I haven't re-read Income Tax: The Root of All Evil by Frank Chodorov in a while, but, I remember liking that essay years ago, so, just thought I'd link to that here too.

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Link: "Do We Have Enough Space Bucks?"
Wednesday, August 17th, 2016
08:07:17 GMT

Basic Income

Here's a thought-provoking article related to basic income:

Do We Have Enough Space Bucks?

(June 4, 2015 from

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Redshift, a wonderful alternative to the f.lux screen-tinting software
Friday, February 26th, 2016
17:05:34 GMT


Last edited: Feb. 27, 2016, 1:38 AM EST

Blog Post by Apollia, owner and administrator of Non24.Com and Non24.Org

I finally found a wonderful free (as in freedom and also price), libre, open source alternative to the non-libre, gratis f.lux screen tinting software.


Source code on GitHub

The website of the author of Redshift:

The author's About page, with details on how to donate to the author

Despite the name, Redshift actually can tint your screen lots of different colors, not just red!

Redshift is available for GNU/Linux, and "experimental" builds are available for Windows.

I haven't yet tried Redshift in Windows, but, after some fiddling, I did manage to compile Redshift version 1.11 in Lucid Puppy Linux 5.2.8 version 004.

I'm very happy with Redshift so far. My screen with Redshift looks so similar to my screen with f.lux, I'm not sure if there's any visible difference. So, for me, that makes Redshift a perfect replacement for f.lux right out of the box.

Since Redshift does what I want already, I haven't gotten inspired to modify Redshift, but I'm so pleased that it's possible to modify it. Not being able to fix f.lux's various problems was incredibly frustrating.

Redshift not only tints your screen, but lets you decrease your screen's brightness, and also lets you drastically change the color of the tint! And you can shut off the slow color temperature transition.

A GUI (graphical user interface) is available for Redshift, but I haven't tried it because I usually don't like fiddling with the Python programming language. (Most of Redshift is written in the C programming language, but the GUI is written in Python.)

So, the way I run Redshift is via console command lines like these:

./redshift -help

./redshift -t 3200:2500 -l -90:0 -r
Color temperature 3200K during the day, and 2500K during the night. Latitude of the South Pole, longitude 0. -r removes the slow color temperature transitions, so the changes are applied instantaneously.

./redshift -t 3200:2500 -l -90:0 -r -b .5:.5
Same, but half as much screen brightness during both the day and night.

./redshift -l -90:0 -g 1:.1:.1 -r
Instantly changes the RGB (red/green/blue) gamma settings of your screen, setting green and blue to the minimum value Redshift allows.

The rest of this blog post might only be interesting to people having difficulty compiling Redshift from source code. Also, possibly, the below steps might only work for Lucid Puppy Linux 5.2.8 version 004 users.

And I hope I didn't accidentally break anything by making various scripts ignore the fact that I don't have Autoconf >= 2.69 and intltool >= 0.50. But so far, Redshift seems to be working fine for me.

To compile Redshift 1.11 in Lucid Puppy Linux 5.2.8 version 004, I had to run the "bootstrap" script in the redshift-1.11 source code folder by typing:


That created some needed files, but resulted in these errors:

Then, I had to open the file "" in a text editor and simply delete line 4, which said:


Then I ran the bootstrap script again:


This successfully created a "configure" script.

Then, I ran into trouble running the "configure" script, so I had to open the "configure" script in a text editor and comment out lines 11295 through 11307, which say this:

After doing that, I was able to successfully run the "configure" script using this command:


Then, to build Redshift, all I had to do was type this command:


Once it was finished building (in maybe less than 10 seconds on my 3.4 GHz dual core desktop computer), I was able to run Redshift by going into the folder "redshift-1.11/src" and typing commands like the above.

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Link: Free Software Foundation (FSF) Vision Survey
Wednesday, January 20th, 2016
00:43:32 GMT


Blog Post by Apollia, owner and administrator of Non24.Com and Non24.Org

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is doing a survey until the end of January 2016:

Free Software Foundation (FSF) Vision Survey

And here's the blog post about the survey.

The FSF is also trying to raise $450,000 by January 31st, 2016. They're already most of the way there - as I write this, it says "370,295 so far" at the top of this page.

One of the goals of Non24.Com is to promote freedom in general, so, this is on topic.

I wish I knew of more free (as in freedom), libre, open source software which might help with sleep issues.

Here's a script I wrote back in 2012 in the Python programming language. This script at least works with Lucid Puppy Linux 5.2.8 version 004:

Apollia's Relative Scheduler

Someday, I probably should build something easier for non-technical people to try out and use.

Addition, Feb. 3, 2016, 6:31 AM EST. Here are my replies to the survey:

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

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Petition: Allow the f.lux software on iPhones and iPads
Thursday, November 19th, 2015
09:16:48 GMT


Blog Post by Apollia, owner and administrator of Non24.Com and Non24.Org

I found this petition via the wonderful Niteowl mailing list:

Petition: Allow f.lux on IOS

If you've ever read my thoughts on free (as in freedom), libre, open source software and hardware, and their inherent superiority to anything closed source, you might I think wouldn't sign such a petition.

But, I did sign that petition. I actually use the f.lux software in Linux, and I really do love it - even though f.lux is closed source (as far as I know), and f.lux currently has what looks to me like a very non-libre EULA, for which reasons I can't wholeheartedly recommend f.lux.

I don't know if f.lux really helps my sleep issues at all, but, it makes my screen more relaxing to look at, so I use it a lot. And I actually use it during the day too, just because I like how it looks, and not in an effort to influence my sleep schedule, because I've pretty much given up on even trying to be normal. :-)

Of course, I didn't just sign the petition. I also added the below comment. :-)

Which didn't take very long to write and could probably use some more editing/perfecting/clarifying - but, here it is anyway. Can't edit it now, because it's a quote, and I don't think the petition site lets you edit your posts, though I see it lets you delete or upvote posts. I wonder if there's a way to link directly to my comment?

OK, here's my comment:

I love f.lux, though for many reasons, I would love it a lot more if it were libre, open source software.

I'd love to be able to modify f.lux to run constantly instead of shutting itself off every x hours. And, I'd like not having to put in false longitudes to make f.lux in Linux work at whatever odd time I happen to be awake, due to my possible Non-24-hour Sleep-Wake Disorder.

I also wish iPhones and iPads were libre, open source platforms instead of closed source.

But, I still think it would be nice for f.lux to be on iPhones and iPads.

There are so many reasons why libre, open source things are inherently superior to closed source things, I think someday the world's businesses are going to have to totally embrace libre, open source software and hardware just so they can remain competitive. Otherwise, many companies will find their closed source products utterly surpassed by vastly superior, free (as in freedom), libre, open source software and hardware.

Software and hardware which doesn't invade our privacy and do various other nasty things behind our backs.

Software and hardware which respects people's rights to have full control over our own property, including people's rights to repair the things we own, use, and depend on, so we don't have to helplessly beg some big uncaring corporation (and maybe also pay them a fortune) to fix everything for us.

Hardware which isn't built using overworked, underpaid labor in atrocious employment conditions in foreign countries.

Here's an informative page about Apple:

But despite those problems, and the many other problems with anything closed source - it would still be nice to have f.lux on iPhones and iPads. :-)

And, when the day finally comes when there will be some really polished, easy and comfortable to use free (as in freedom), libre, open source alternatives to iPhones and iPads - it would be nice to have f.lux on those alternatives too.

(Actually, maybe there already are some really nice libre tablets and phones? I just don't know because I'm not really into gadgets, mostly for lack of money.)

I hope you enjoyed my little speech. :-D Thanks for reading.

End of quote.

Just thought I'd post that here, to make it more visible than it will be after the petition gets probably thousands more signatures.

As I write this, the petition already has 1,960 signatures.

One thing I forgot to mention was that I'd like to be able to optionally turn off f.lux's slow fade in/fade out effect, and have f.lux turn on instantly instead.

It also would be cool to be able to choose different colors to tint my entire screen with. Or how about rainbow colors? :-) Or other colorful gradients.

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Link: The Epidemic of Too Much Omega 6 and Not Enough Omega 3 in Our Diets
Wednesday, August 19th, 2015
02:29:52 GMT


Blog Post by Apollia, owner and administrator of Non24.Com and Non24.Org

Here's a link to a recent post from my personal blog at Astroblahhh.Com:

The Epidemic of Too Much Omega 6 and Not Enough Omega 3 in Our Diets

That post was inspired by my recent reading of the book The Ultimate Omega 3 Diet: Maximize the Power of Omega-3s to Supercharge Your Health, Battle Inflammation, and Keep Your Mind Sharp by Evelyn Tribole, M.S., RD - a dietitian.

I'm just a layperson, and not a dietitian, nor a doctor, nor a nurse, nor a health care professional of any kind, so I'm not really qualified to judge - but, it looks to me like an excellent book, and I recommend reading it.

It's astounding how many different health issues that Omega 3 fats, and getting the proper amounts and proper balance of Omega 3 fats and Omega 6 fats, are said to help with - including sleep issues.

There isn't very much about sleep issues in the book, but sleep issues are mentioned briefly in various different sections.

The sleep-related quotes I found most interesting were the following. (DHA, by the way, is one of the three most common forms of Omega 3 fat - the other two being EPA and ALA.)

From Chapter 6:

"Mothers with higher DHA blood levels had babies with heartier sleep patterns in the first 48 hours after delivery. Babies born to women with low DHA levels had less advanced sleeping patterns (less brain maturity). Furthermore, the balance of omega-6 to omega-3 fats in the prenatal diet had a significant impact; diets that were higher in omega-6 fats resulted in babies having less advanced sleeping patterns."

From later in Chapter 6:

"DHA deficiency may be a link to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS); infants who die from SIDS have much lower levels of DHA in their brains. These babies also have less mature nervous system function, in which DHA is critical. Any delay in developing mature brain cells could hamper arousal from sleep, which is believed to be an important survival mechanism likely impaired in SIDS."

And from Chapter 7:

"One notable study by Malcolm Peet and David Horrobin recruited 70 clinically depressed patients who continued to have problems in spite of taking antidepressants. They divided the patients into four groups to explore the effects of different daily doses of EPA: one gram, two grams, four grams, and zero (placebo). They found clear benefits at the lowest dose given, and three batteries of depression tests showed improvement in sleep, anxiety, depression, libido, and lassitude. The researchers noted that no drug study has shown such large improvements."

I read The Ultimate Omega 3 Diet book so recently that I actually haven't done much yet to put ideas from the book into practice.

So, I can't speak very much from personal experience yet. I have taken the Ovega 3 vegetarian Omega 3 nutritional supplement (containing DHA and EPA) from time to time, since November 2014. But, I've taken it quite inconsistently, and, until reading this book, I didn't realize that I probably should have been making a much stronger effort to make sure the Omega 6 in my diet wasn't interfering with my Omega 3 absorption.

I think Ovega 3 probably has helped me at least a little (maybe more than I know), and I sometimes have the subjective, unproven impression that maybe it makes my mind a bit sharper and clearer - but, those possible effects never seemed especially dramatic or unmistakeable, nor am I certain those possible effects are related to the Ovega 3 and not other things in my life. Also, I haven't noticed any notable possible effects on my terribly irregular sleep so-called schedule.

I also used to eat ground flaxseed (which is high in the ALA form of Omega 3, and low in Omega 6) from time to time quite a while back. (Not sure when exactly, but, for a while sometime after Dec. 2013, which is when I bought the coffee grinder I use to grind flaxseeds.) But, I lazily stopped going to the trouble, and I don't recall any notable improvements to my life that I can definitely attribute to eating it.

But again, I was quite ignorant of the Omega 6/Omega 3 balance issue back then - so, I believe that might have interfered a lot with my results.

I also was unaware back then that there are multiple forms of Omega 3. So, I mistakenly thought I was probably getting all the Omega 3 I needed from flaxseed - but, flaxseed only contains the ALA form of Omega 3, not DHA or EPA.

I hope that when I start making far more dramatic adjustments to my diet, maybe I'll start seeing more notable results.

And even if that ends up doing nothing for my sleep issues, there's such a huge list of other potential benefits from the proper balance and proper amounts of Omega 3 and Omega 6 that I will still consider the effort worthwhile.

Again, here's the link to my longer post on this topic on my personal blog at Astroblahhh.Com:

The Epidemic of Too Much Omega 6 and Not Enough Omega 3 In Our Diets

And, again, the book that inspired these posts of mine is The Ultimate Omega 3 Diet: Maximize the Power of Omega-3s to Supercharge Your Health, Battle Inflammation, and Keep Your Mind Sharp by Evelyn Tribole, M.S., RD - a dietitian.

Comments are welcome at the Non24.Com Forum!

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NHLBI Strategic Visioning Forum is accepting submissions, comments and votes until May 15th, 11:59 PM PT
Wednesday, May 13th, 2015
09:30:23 GMT

Time Sensitive

Blog Post by Apollia, owner and administrator of Non24.Com and Non24.Org

I recently posted this at the NHLBI Strategic Visioning Forum, where people can post ideas and comments, and vote on them:

Do our modern "traditional" sleep schedules defy nature?

Addition, 5/15/2015, 2:09 AM EDT: I also posted this:

Would unconditional basic income improve people's health & ease poverty better than conventional welfare programs?

Addition, 5/15/2015, 5:13 AM EDT: And this:

How common is Omega 3 nutritional deficiency, and how can people make sure they're getting enough Omega 3?

End of additions.

Votes and comments are welcome!

My post is on topic, because according to this FAQ page, the NHLBI (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute) is interested in sleep problems also.

Quoted from the FAQ page:

"3. Why is the Institute refreshing the Strategic Vision?

The NHLBI community has the power to build upon exciting new scientific discoveries and emerging technologies that offer great promise for the prevention and treatment of heart, lung, blood, and sleep (HLBS) diseases."

There are also plenty of other ideas related to sleep and circadian stuff which you might like to comment or vote on:

Search: "sleep"

Search: "circadian"

And here's the idea which drew my attention to the NHLBI Strategic Visioning Forum:

Improve ineffective treatments for circadian rhythm disorders

Addition, 9:50 PM EDT: This also is a good one to vote for:

Elucidate the different causes of circadian disorders, and tailor the treatment to the cause

I'm sure there are plenty of others that are worth voting for, but, I can't possibly specifically point out all of them, because I have lots of things I need to get done.

End of addition.

I heard about the NHLBI Strategic Visioning Forum via the Niteowl mailing list.

The deadline for submissions, votes, and comments is very close - May 15th at 11:59 PM PT.

Sorry for taking so long to notice or post about the NHLBI Strategic Visioning Forum. I'm afraid I'm going to continue to be usually rather quiet and not at all consistent about posting interesting things, because I'm currently plagued with other things I need to get done.

Also, sorry that Non24.Com and Non24.Org are, for now, rather quiet and boring.

But, fortunately, the Niteowl mailing list and the Circadian Sleep Disorders Network are wonderful resources for people with sleep issues. I highly recommend them.

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November 24th is N24 Awareness Day
Saturday, November 22nd, 2014
17:49:51 GMT


Blog Post by Apollia, owner and administrator of Non24.Com and Non24.Org

I recently read that November 24th is N24 Awareness Day.

Here's a website about it, which I didn't create:

N24 Awareness Day

Quoted from that site's About N24 Awareness Day page:

"On N24 day, people with N24 are encouraged to write about living with N24 or create other forms of art and communication (videos, paintings, music, audio recordings, etc.) about the lived experience of N24. These can take the form of personal stories, scientific essays, awareness essays, poetry and other symbolic expressions and more."

N24 Awareness Day 2014 icon          N24 Awareness Day 2013 icon

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Welcome to Non24.Com!
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
17:29:57 GMT

Site Update

by Apollia, owner and administrator of Non24.Com and Non24.Org

Welcome to Non24.Com!

The main (but not exclusive) theme of this website is Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder and other circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

If those don't topics interest you, though, not to worry - plenty of other topics are welcome here too. (More on that below, after some other stuff about Non-24, etc.)

Even if you have no interest whatsoever in sleep issues, you are welcome here, and you might find something interesting here!

For now, the most interesting thing here (other than this blog post) is probably the Non24.Com Forum.

The overall goal of this website is to help everyone, both with or without sleep issues, to achieve more happiness, prosperity, freedom, and control over our own lives and schedules.

According to this web page, at least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day ($3650 per year).

But even many people who are fortunate enough to be in the top 20% are financially oppressed wage slaves, who feel they have (and might in fact have) no better choice than to slave away at jobs they hate, locked into routines they can scarcely endure, and living paycheck to paycheck.

No one, whether they're disabled or not, should be forced or pressured to live in such an oppressive way.

Of course, sleep issues definitely make it quite a lot more difficult (or even impossible) to conform to the financially oppressive system most of the world is victimized by.

Being unable to cope as well as the average person with oppression is definitely a curse in many ways. But, on other hand, there's a lot of truth in this Krishnamurti quote:

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

Sleep issues can leave a person with almost no choice but to rebel against the financial oppression nearly everyone is faced with - even if one desperately wishes to be able to conform as well as anyone else.

So, if it's healthier to resist oppression than to go along with it - then, we who have sleep issues could actually regard ourselves as healthier than average, at least in that regard.

A very apt, succinct description of Non-24 (which I found on this web page) is "perpetual, shifting jet lag".

And here's an excellent much longer description of what it's like to have Non-24. I found it on

Mark's Story With Non-24

My experiences have been similar. I would actually go as far as to say that my sleep issues are quite possibly the number one top problem which ruined my life, above and beyond even my family's financial problems, and my former depression and continuing shyness.

I think my sleep issues either greatly contributed to or caused (directly or indirectly) most of what ails me.

(If you'd like to read a longer version of my story, you can go to this page of Astroblahhh.Com, my personal website.)

Topics of the Non24.Com Forum include (but aren't limited to):

Here are a couple articles that are a good intro to the idea of basic income. From Xamuel.Com:

Ten Reasons for Guaranteed Minimum Income

Basic Income

Canada experimented in the 1970's with a Mincome program which had numerous positive effects - here's an article about that from The Dominion: News from the Grassroots -

A Town Without Poverty? Canada's only experiment in guaranteed income finally gets reckoning

Probably most topics are welcome somewhere on the forum, at the very least at the General Discussions board.

There are some limits, though. Nothing illegal, or which I'm uncomfortable with, like topics which are adult-oriented, or which contain nasty personal attacks on anyone, etc., etc.

But other than that, as long as it follows the forum's rules, it's probably OK.

Again, welcome!

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